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Centered on service. Sized for high flow, low costs

Take a closer look at how we run—with affordable, abundantly-resourced utilities—and you’ll see why it’s abundantly clear that Brooks County is the place to grow.

Water: Bedrock assurance. You could say that water quality and abundance are a bedrock assurance in Brooks County, as the county sits atop the exceptionally-productive Floridan aquifer system, a series of limestone formations that stretch across the area. In the lower Flint River basin, the aquifer recharges annually with seasonal rainfall from November through April.

Beyond that critical assurance, industry also enjoys the superb service and value of a municipally-sourced utility. At the Brooks County Industrial Park, existing infrastructure that includes a 12” water loop around the park, 8” sewer mains, plus two pump stations ensures the Park is already primed for performance, with plans for a new water well and a 500,000-gallon elevated tank ready for immediate transition from drawing board to production.

Electricity: Options for opportunity.

At the Brooks County Industrial Park, all tenants have their choice of two electrical providers: Colquitt EMC and MEAG.

  • In the 1930s, the rural counties of South Georgia didn’t wait for the big power players to recognize the area’s value as electrical consumers. Founded in 1936, the ground-breaking Colquitt Electric Membership Corporation brought abundant and affordable electricity to an energy-hungry region, and today Colquitt EMC’s rates are among the lowest in the state of Georgia.
  • MEAG Power (Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia) operates as a consortium of public power agencies and offers the service and cost advantages of one of the nation’s largest non-profit public power entities, with $8 billion in assets and generating over 2,000 megawatts in capacity, with over half its delivered energy emissions-free and environmentally friendly.

Additionally, for users of loads in excess of 900 KW, Georgia’s customers can also choose Georgia Power. The largest of the four utilities owned by the Southern Company, Georgia Power provides power across the state through a diverse mix of energy sources, including solar, biomass, and hydro power. Since 1990, the company has invested $7 billion in environmental control technologies.


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