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Quitman Solar Energy Center kicks off


Source: Quitman Free Press

The Brooks County Cultural Center was transformed into a solar energy information hub on the evening of July 19. Colorful posters lined the room explaining various aspects of NEXTera Energy Resources and plans for the proposed Quitman Solar Energy Center.

Government officials and community leaders viewed the posters and other information on display. NEXTera spokespersons were on hand to answer questions about solar energy and the Brooks County plant.

A large serving table of delicious finger foods, catered by Janet DeVane, centered the room. Those attending enjoyed the refreshments while learning more about this new business that is expected to provide approximately 300 construction jobs and generate millions in additional revenue to Brooks County through tax benefits.

Stephen Land, project manager said, “We are excited to work for Brooks County. It is first and foremost an opportunity to benefit both parties. The Quitman Solar Center will feature more than 600,000 photovoltaic solar panels with trackers that follow the sun each day to maximize energy production.”

Land also explained how the Center will operate. “As sunlight hits the Quitman Solar Energy Center panels, the solar radiation will be converted into direct current (DC) electricity. The direct current flows into power inverters where it is converted into alternating current (AC) which can be used by local electric utilities. Finally, the electricity travels through transformers and the voltage is boosted for delivery onto the transmission grid for local electric utilities to distribute the electricity to homes and businesses.”

The Quitman Solar Center is expected to begin commercial operation in December 2019. A proposed site is under option.


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